The Cost of Dental Implants

Everybody wants to get the best “deal” when you are making a significant investment. Dental implant treatment is sometimes confused with buying a commodity that you can wheel and deal with dentist to get the price down. Understand that dental implants are not a commodity. The implant itself isn’t expensive, but just like any product sold, you can buy knockoffs and get a cheaper product. Are they sterilized, cleaned and packaged correctly to avoid infection and problems? Do they have the best characteristics for long-term predictability and stability? Was the surface prepared properly? You can buy cheaper products, but the consequence of failure is increased as you take chances on cutting corners. It is not just the cost of the implant.

A short list of other components necessary for a dental implant solution would include: cover screw, healing abutment, impression coping, lab analog, digital scan body, transitional prosthesis to develop soft tissue and esthetics. These components are necessary to be included to make a tooth that connects to the implant. All of these components have a cost and all can be bought at different price points (again with different risks). Finally, you have to have a lab fabricate the custom abutment which is what connects to the implant and comes through the gums and a crown which is the shape, size and color of a tooth (again many material options with different price points and different levels of esthetics and function based on the experience and expertise of the lab. You can choose the best with the least risk or the cheapest with the highest risk or somewhere in between, but all of these factors go into pricing for a dental implant.

What is the Difference in Costs in the US Among Different Dentists?

What about the difference in costs in the US among different dentists?
Obviously, cost of living is different in different areas of the country.  Oklahoma is one of the best value states for cost of dental care comparatively.  Even in the same bigger cities, there can still be a big difference.   So much goes into training to be an expert.  Hundreds of hours go into studying dental implant treatment that is minimally covered in undergrad dental education.  From my own personal experience, I’ve studied occlusion (the way your teeth come together to chew) at the Dawson Academy, implant training under John Kois Center, Misch International  Implant  for surgery and prosthetics for over 250 hours, IV sedation training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Chicago Maxicourse for 300 hours, and 20 years of annual meetings with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry for lastest science and state of the art materials and workflows.  This list is not all inclusive, just a glimpse of the investment put into my practice as it relates to implant dentistry.  All this training is after I received my dental degree.  This represents hundreds of thousands of dollars in education, travel, loss of production, etc that I have invested.  I’m happy to have done this for my practice and my patients, but it does come with a cost that I’d like to be compensated for differently than a dentist with a license and little experience with implants.  There is no way that you get the same result, or worse, managing complications which do and will occur in implant dentistry (more importantly how to avoid these complications).

Types of Dental Implants

When you are considering dental implants as a cosmetic procedure, you have a few options. Start with the different types of dental implants that we provide for patients here at Chris Ward DDS. As a leading provider of cosmetic dentistry in Owasso, OK, we offer single tooth implants, multi-tooth dental implants, implant crowns, and full mouth implants.

Single Tooth Implants

If you have chipped, broken, or knocked out a single tooth, you will be able to replace that tooth with a single implant. We use titanium implant posts that are fused into the jawbone for a permanent replacement. This titanium implant or endosteal dental implant will most likely be the type of dental implant we use for your dental care. However, subperiosteal implants and mini dental implants are alternatives for patients who do not want the titanium posts inserted in the jaw.

Multi-Tooth Dental Implants

When you are missing or need to replace multiple teeth in a row, dental implants offer the greatest support. By inserting the titanium screws used in endosteal implants into your jaw, this creates a structure to support your face. Implant crowns are a type of multi-tooth implant that uses a porcelain cap to restore the shape and appearance of at least one tooth.

Full Mouth Implants

Here at Chris Ward DDS, we specialize in full mouth implants in Owasso, OK. Thanks to the use of a total mouth implant, you can restore and replace all of your dental work. This offers you the chance to rehabilitate your smile and facial structure through a natural looking and permanent dental solution. When you come see Dr. Ward for a full mouth implant, we will evaluate your overall oral health and bone structure to determine if this is the right option for you.

Start Your Dental Implants in Owasso, OK Today

To begin the process of getting dental implants in Owasso, OK, contact our dental office. Call 918-274-4466 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ward for your dental exam to see what type of dental implants you need for your smile. We also offer additional cosmetic dentistry services and dentistry for anxious patients.

Why Are Dental Implants So Expensive?

The implant itself is not expensive. There are several factors that contribute to the expense of a dental implant procedure. In the next few weeks I’m going to discuss some of them for you to be more educated in the area and be able to make the best decision for yourself.

So why is there such a range of costs when you get estimates from different dental practices for dental implants? You can go across the border and have this procedure done for 2/3rd’s the cost. With the oversite of the FDA, ADA, State governing boards, ABOI standards, etc. there is a difference in the standards of care required for healthcare. With little to no standards or oversite, the service provided and the outcome may be vastly different. They may not take the time to check for underlying factors that can affect the success of the dental implants such as high sterilization standards, A1C levels in diabetics, bone loss in the lower mandibular jaw, how close the implant runs to the alveolar nerve, along with many other critical factors. I’ve had patients who have told me how much they spent in Mexico for treatment and actually spent more money than they would have in my practice for the same procedure because of needed revisions from a poor standard of care. When you pay for treatment a second time, it is much more expensive than doing it right the first time. Next week more on implant cost discussion.

5 Ways You Can Avoid Stained Teeth From Expert Dentist In Owasso OK

There’s nothing worse than looking in the mirror, and realizing that your teeth are stained. You think back to how you got to this point, and you try to figure out what went wrong. You can always get professional teeth whitening from your expert dentist Owasso OK office, and in the future, use these five simple tips to avoid future stains.

1. Enjoy Acidic Drinks Safely

Coffee is the most popular drink in America and the most popular drink around the world, but it’s horrible for your teeth. If you’re an iced coffee drinker (or you can wait for your hot coffee to cool down to a safe level), using a straw can surpass all the direct contact onto your pearly whites, and avoid staining.

2. Use a Water Flosser

Instead of brash flossing tactics, use a water flosser at home to get rid of stuck-on bacteria that could be coloring the enamel of your teeth. These work more effectively than traditional flossing, and help fight against bacteria, gum disease, and more: you get extra benefits.

3. Avoid Acidic Foods

Wine is a big kicker—you’re not going to drink wine through a straw. Another is spaghetti sauce, as well as anything in a brine (think pickles). Avoiding these keeps acidity off of your teeth, and retain their white glow.

4. Hydrate With Every Meal

Washing away food with sips of water in between your meals keep the food particles and bacteria off of your teeth. Get in the habit of always having a water bottle with you, in case you spontaneously decide to stop for something to eat while you’re out.

5. Avoid Carbonated Beverages

Even club soda and sparkling water, which is free of sugar (most of the time), can still hurt your teeth. Carbonation takes a hefty role in enamel erosion, especially if you have a daily ritual of downing carbonated beverages.

Stay away from these foods and use these dental tips to your advantage, and you’ll be able to avoid future stains on your teeth.

How To Get A Healthier Smile With Owasso Dentist Chris Ward DDS

Your smile is an immediate window into your oral hygiene and says a lot about you. First impressions are everything. Take these tips from your Owasso dentist, Dr. Chris Ward, and get your smile under control to be the absolute best that it can be.

It Starts With Your Gums

When you have gingivitis, you’re able to see the color change in your gums, going from pink, to white, to red, and it takes away from the glow of your smile. Even if you have a wide “toothy” smile, you’ll still be able to see flashes of gum between your pearly whites. This visible gum tissue gives your smile a more youthful, balanced appearance.  Take proper care of your gums, and you’ll see an improvement in your own confidence, as well as a healthier glow. Let Dr. Ward assess your smile and provide a course of action.

Avoid Overly Acidic Drinks

 Coffees and teas are a detractor to your smile. These beverages stain your teeth over time, which can make your white glow uneven and lessen your confidence. Your diet plays a larger part in your smile than you know. Shifting your diet can greatly affect your smile in a positive manner.

Flossing Regularly

 This one seems like a given, but it’s not just for keeping food particles and tartar from between your teeth. Flossing aids in removing the bacteria responsible for cavities, gum disease, and eventual bone and tooth loss. It is vital to keeping the foundation of your smile healthy and clean to maintain its shape, beauty, and function.  If you’re sure to floss every single day, you’ll be able to stave off a laundry list of oral health-related problems that disrupt your smile.

Regular Cleanings

Every mouth is different, and plaque builds up different for everyone. Regular checkups and cleanings are the number one way to manage your smile. Even with regular brushing, flossing, and mouthwash, you’re still prone to slow buildup that only the specialized tools and the expertise of your Owasso dentist can take care of. Keeping your twice-yearly cleanings are imperative to maintaining flawless oral health. Contact us for your appointment!